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Photorealistic artist Crystian Hopper


Crystian Hopper is a photorealistic artist located in Atlanta, Georgia.  He was raised in a town in Florida called Niceville, next to Destin.  In his earlier years, he enjoyed drawing as a hobby, starting with superhero sketches and portraits, and he eventually attended an art college.  In 2018, Crystian graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta, majoring in Sequential Art with a minor in drawing.  

As of now he is based in Atlanta, GA, working primarily with colored pencils to create hyper-realistic pieces of art. 


"After seeing ‘Spider-Man” when I was six years old, I began two obsessions: drawing and collecting superhero toys.  Over the years my obsession for collecting grew away from toys and these items slowly became DVDs, shoes, movie tickets and so on.  My work draws from this fascination I have with these collectors’ items or small tokens that just look like collectors’ items. Everyone values something different, but I am truly interested in the intricate details in some of the things we place on our shelves.  Each piece can be seen as a trophy that represents a very different time in life or even trigger a sense of nostalgia."

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